Waze Releases New Version: Introducing Places!

Great news today Wazers! We’ve just released a new version to both Google Play (available for Android OS 4 and above) and the App Store. This version is highlighted by an exciting new feature called Places. Today, information on Places - local businesses and residential - is what maps, traffic and road data was before the Waze community: Often inaccurate, incomplete and of limited use to drivers. It’s time to bring the same magic to places everywhere by working together to provide the freshest and most accurate information!In this new version, Wazers will be able to add useful information about businesses, residential places and more which will greatly improve the accuracy and quality of Waze’s maps. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can contribute to places:
  • After navigating to a destination, you can take a photo of the place, helping other Wazers identify it regardless of time or season. 
  • You can instantly edit and update details about businesses, residential places and more ensuring they are fresh and up to date. Every contribution counts, big or small. Missing information can always be added by other users - that’s the beauty of working together as a community! 
  • You can add driver-centric info, like parking options and availability. 
  • Easily add places straight from the 'Report' menu. 
When you’re headed to your destination, you will also see a redesigned preview screen containing all Places info added by other Wazers. All this info will ensure that you are navigating to the right place and help you recognize your destination before you approach it.
Oh and did we mention adding places is worth big points? Any contribution to places is a great way to move up the scoreboard! The more you contribute, the better it gets for everyone! By working together, users from across the world can create a new standard of information for both businesses and places of residence everywhere in the world.
In addition, we also added to this version:
  • Easily find where you parked with automatic parking pins. 
  • Autocomplete is now available worldwide. 
We think you are going to love this latest version. Please let us know in comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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