Get Waze-ing in Welsh

We're excited to share that our fifth voice launch of the year is Welsh! After a year of hard work from our local Waze Community in Wales, Welsh is available to show Wazers the way as both a Voice Direction capability *and* an in-app language. 

There are many to thank for bringing Welsh to Waze, but it all started when Robert Lo Bue, CEO of Applingua, reached out to the Waze team about a year ago. Lo Bue had identified Waze as an app that could be highly beneficial to Wales and Welsh speakers once translated, because everyone needs a Waze to outsmart traffic 😉. Lo Bue then brought on Lowri Lewis, who works with a local organization which seeks to keep the Welsh language alive in the modern world by making it more accessible in people's everyday lives. Their missions resonated as Waze also aims to provide localized experiences to our users across the globe—it was a natural fit!

From there, the support continued to grow as the team expanded to include the local Waze Community and Phil Stead, who eagerly joined the Welsh Localization community after learning of the Welsh translation initiative.

Together, they brought each piece of the Welsh launch to fruition. Starting with translations from the Waze Community, some of whom didn't speak the language, but were so committed to launching Welsh, they found translators. (Bravo!) Then, Welsh-speaking volunteers from Lo Bue jumped in to record sample voice prompts (trust us, it was hard to choose just one) and arrange for studio time to officially record the voice directions in full.

Gareth hard at work in the studio
Finally, the Waze Community and local translators tested the new voice and app language for bugs to ensure a smooth launch.

Now, Wazers everywhere can ride in Welsh. Let's see what all their hard work looks like in the app. 

Head to Settings > General > Language > Welsh to update your app language.

And ride with Gareth under Settings > Voice Directions > Cymraeg - Gareth

If you're feeling inspired, join our Waze Localization Community to help the team continue to grow Welsh (and global) accessibility for all. 

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