Commute with Liam Neeson

Imagine: you're in your car, coffee safely in the cup holder, playing a great song, and (actually) enjoying your routine morning commute. Then, out of nowhere, everything changes. The clouds break and a storm hits hard. The car in front of you slams their breaks for an unexpected accident-related jam. The formidable lights and drilling of a construction zone appear and it becomes clear that you're no longer going to make it to that meeting on time. Aside from making sure you've got Waze on, what do you do next?

You call on the one-and-only Liam Neeson—or at least his signature, reassuring voice—to show you the safe way out of hazards, jams and obstacles ahead.

Yes, US Wazers. Starting December 18th, you can ride with Liam by your side—whether you'd like him to tag along and add some intrigue to your last-minute holiday shopping errands or help get you out of a travel jam. The badass star of Lionsgate's The Commuter, in theaters January 12th, will be available to ride shotgun thorugh January 14th.

Ask yourselves Wazers, what kind of person are you? One that rides with Liam Neeson guiding the way, or not? He's here for a limited time, so don't hesitate—update your voice today in Settings > Voice Directions > Liam Neeson. 

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