The New Waze Carpool

Today, we’re excited to share that a new Waze Carpool is here, and totally redesigned with you in mind. Though the experience has changed, our mission has not: we want to make it easy and fun for Wazers to commute together while saving time, money, and the environment—and ultimately putting an end to traffic.

So, what’s changed? The new Waze Carpool is all about choosing the right experience for you. You asked, we listened. And there’s a lot more to come, but new features include:

  • No more blind matching: yep, you’re in control! You can see drivers and riders going your way, and choose the people you want to carpool with based on detailed profiles, star ratings, and connections like same workplace and mutual friends—along with price and distance off route. Your best matches (closest to your route) will appear at the top. 
  • Customize your ride: we’ve added filters so you can choose to ride with coworkers only, or opt to select a driver of the same gender. Lots more options coming soon. 
  • Improve your chances to find a match: now, you can send multiple ride or drive requests and easily access your calendar view. 
Need a few more reasons to give it a go? Waze Carpool will help you make the most of your commute. It’s often the most affordable commuting choice for riders, and an easy way to earn gas money if you’re behind the wheel. It’s also a great way to meet your neighbors, network with coworkers, and know you’re doing good by your city by filling empty seats in your car and eliminating vehicles on the road.

Download the new Waze Carpool app today and see who’s on your route.

Once you try it, don’t be shy! Please tell us what you think over on Facebook. It’s your feedback that helps us improve and continue to make Waze Carpool a better experience for you. You can also say hi to us on Twitter and Instagram.

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