Waze Carpool Expands Service to Washington State

Waze Carpool now live in Washington to
connect riders and drivers for an easier, more affordable commute 

[MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.] – March 20, 2018 – Waze, the free, real-time navigation app powered by 100 million monthly active users, announced today the expansion of Waze Carpool to Washington state, connecting riders and drivers for an easier, more affordable commute while reducing the strain on the roads and environment.

Currently available in California, Texas, and Israel, the Waze Carpool community-focused approach makes it fun and simple for Wazers to save time and money on their commute while tackling the root of all traffic issues: too many cars on the road. With more than 375,000 monthly active Wazers in Seattle alone, Waze Carpool will call upon its Washington users to ride together and share trips happening anyway.

“Waze has always been about outsmarting traffic, together,” said Noam Bardin, Chief Wazer. “With Waze Carpool, we are expanding our mission to ending traffic, altogether. Traffic is a universal problem affecting our well-being, environment, and economy. However, there is a solution that can improve the quality of everyone's daily commute—with Waze Carpool, we are getting extra cars off the road, while helping people save time, money, and the environment."

Waze has deep roots in Washington and begins service working closely with allies that share a vision for the future of mobility, including: The Office of Governor Jay Inslee, Washington State Department of Transportation, Seattle Department of Transportation, King County Metro, Kirkland, Commute Seattle, and the Tacoma Dome.

The Waze Carpool experience seamlessly builds on the many features that make Waze the leading real-time navigation app, including an industry-first HOV functionality that incorporates carpool lanes into routing & ETA calculations. Through a simple, 3-step process users are in control—finding, connecting, and riding with fellow Wazers on their commute.

Features of Waze Carpool include:

  • Choose your fellow carpooler: Riders or drivers can choose their carpool buddy based on profiles, star ratings, number of mutual friends, and customizable filters such as same gender and coworker. 
  • Optimized routes: Using the real-time traffic updates and HOV routing of Waze, riders and drivers enjoy the fastest route, every time. 
  • Reduced commute costs: With all payments handled securely through the app, riders pay for an affordable trip, while drivers get money for gas (up to $15 per ride) 

Download Waze (for drivers) and Waze Rider (for passengers) on iOS or Android. New registrants will receive a free ride upon download. Bonuses include $30 for a successful Driver referral and an extra ride for a Rider referral.

To find out more about Waze Carpool, visit waze.com/carpool.

About Waze 
Waze is the social navigation pioneer, leveraging mobile technology and a passionate global community to redefine expectations of today’s maps. Waze is home to the world’s largest network of drivers who work together daily to outsmart traffic and save time and money. The app consistently recommends the fastest routes based on real-time driving and data from millions of users. From traffic reroutes to low gas price alerts and relevant offers from favorite brands, Waze is one of the most comprehensive driving companions in the marketplace.

Partner Quotes 

“Washington State embraces innovation that helps reduce traffic, and we welcome technology like the new Waze Carpool app that gives the traveling public more choices.” - Charles Knutson, Executive Policy Advisor to Governor Inslee 

“Innovative tools like Waze Carpool are a great example of using technology to help our growing transportation needs. We have found that many of the people who live in Kirkland work outside the city, and many of the people who work in Kirkland live elsewhere. The City of Kirkland seeks both public and private partners to help people get where they want to go without relying on single-occupancy vehicles.” - Kirkland’s Deputy Mayor, Jay Arnold 

“One of Seattle’s great successes is having so many options for people to get around. Our rich environment of great transit, bikeshare, rideshare and carshare helps commuters optimize their day while reducing their footprint. That environment is getting even richer today with the launch of Waze Carpool. On-demand carpooling at the touch of a button is a fast, convenient and low-cost option for people who currently drive alone. We applaud all efforts to help people travel smarter and keep Seattle moving.” - Jonathan Hopkins, Executive Director of Commute Seattle 

“With the introduction of Waze Carpool, we are looking forward to growing our partnership with Waze as their inaugural arena partner. As a Global Event Partner, thousands of concertgoers have already engaged the Waze app to navigate to the Tacoma Dome. We are pleased to offer fans another innovative tool to share a ride and share their experience while helping to reduce the traffic associated with large-scale events.” - Kim Bedier, Director for Tacoma Venues & Events, City of Tacoma 

“Metro welcomes the addition of new mobility providers to help people travel more efficiently and save time and money. As a piece of the mobility solution, we are exploring new partnerships with carpooling app companies to give commuters more options, increase access to transit, and make our transportation system work better for everyone.” - Christina O’Claire, King County Metro’s Assistant General Manager for Planning and Customer Service

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