Driving Smarter and Greener with Waze for ZTL & Crit'Air

Hot off the heels of out locally-tailored Waze navigation features for the US, Canada, Indonesia and Brazil, we're excited to share that today we've begun to roll out "Zona a Traffico Limitato" (ZTL) routing in Italy and Crit'Air navigation in France. Together, these help more Wazers than ever drive greener and avoid hefty fines.

To help ease congestion and improve air quality in busy zones, cities around the the world have begun implementing laws that restrict driving based on time of day, proximity to historical monuments, and other local needs.

Thanks to our hardworking Waze Community—who updated the Waze Map with nuanced restrictions for ZTL and Crit'Air—it's much easier to follow the rules and avoid expensive fines. Whether you're a local, a tourist, or on an epic road trip, these features are here for you.

All you have to do is update your pass information in the Waze app (just once) to get the most efficient route based on local rules of the road—and Waze real-time traffic alerts you know and love. We're not encouraging procrastination, but even if you choose not to add your pass (but really, you should add it), Waze will alert you if your route takes you within a ZTL or Crit'Air zone.

Driving in France? 
Currently available in Paris, Lyon, and Grenoble (more cities coming soon!), Waze Crit'Air navigation will alert you in the following scenarios:

  1. Permanent areas restricting vehicle access Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm, known as 'ZCR.'
  2. Dynamic areas added to the permanent perimeters and enforced when pollution levels are severe, known as 'ZPA.'
To ensure you're getting Waze alerts for high air pollution, and Crit'Air-optimized routes, add your pass today. And don't forget the most important step: sharing the news of Waze Crit'Air navigation because all your friends, family, coworkers, and taxi drivers deserve to know there's an easier way to outsmart Crit'Air zones. 

Riding through the streets of Italy? 
For Wazers of Rome and Milan (more coming soon!), the ZTL navigation uses a combination of factors to determine your best, fine-free route. Including: 
  • City
  • Time of day
  • Permit type
  • Vehicle type
Make sure you're ZTL-compliant by adding your pass information to the Waze app. Then, pay it forward. Share your knowledge of Waze ZTL navigation with the world—on social media, at your office, with friends & family—because everyone's money is meant for better things than paying fines. 

Wazers, we work hard to make your in-car experience the best it can be—whether you're road tripping around the world or headed to the grocery store. Stay updated on the latest and greatest from Waze when you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Waze Celebrates 600 Connected Citizens Program Partners

We're excited to share that our Connected Citizens Program has reached a major milestone: 600 partners from across 50 countries. Since we launched with 10 city partners in October 2014, our free, two-way data exchange program has grown quickly. Today, we're averaging approximately one new partner per day!

Our Connected Citizens partners have made us proud in more ways than we have room to mention. But here are a few inspiring examples of how partners have worked with our Waze Community to drive change for nearly 1 billion people around the world, using creativity, ingenuity and the power of collaboration to make a difference:

  • Ghent, Belgium reshaped their city center to make the city safer, reduce traffic, and improve air quality. After implementing 2,000 road and sign changes, the city has reported 20% fewer accidents, 27% more cyclists, and a 15% increase in bus & tram usage. 
  • Magen David Adom, Israel cut emergency response time to help people in need get help faster. After only a 1-month pilot, Magen David Adom dispatched ambulances to 300 car accidents using Waze alert data arriving on average 10-15% faster than other equivalent channels. 
  • Jakarta, Indonesia instated new policies to help cut the estimated $15B+ cost of traffic, leveraging learnings from Waze programs in Rio de Janeiro. The resulting odd/even license plate policy has increased average traffic speeds by 20%, reduced traffic volume by 15%, and decreased travel time by 19% on road segments where the policy is active. 
United by the goal to better serve communities around the world, our Connected Citizens partners have helped grow the program from a data-sharing initiative with Waze to a knowledge-sharing platform where they can apply learnings from across the world to their local communities. But don't take it from us—hear why a few of our most recent program inductees decided to become a partner. In their words: 
"At The Alan Turing Institute we're working with Waze and the Greater London Authority on a project to better estimate and forecast air pollution in the capital. Traffic data from Waze and Transport for London will enable us to build a more accurate picture of key areas and levels of pollution. Our ambition is that this initiative, which is taking place as part of our data-centric engineering program, will significantly support efforts to understand and improve air quality in the capital."—Theo Damoulas, Turing Fellow and Assistant Professor of Data Science at the University of Warwick
"For the National Infrastructure Agency, it is very important to inform all citizens about new roads, which is why the work we have done with Waze through the Connected Citizens Program has been successful and strategic. It has become a great synergy that has strengthened communications with users...allowing us to interact with information in real-time and inform citizens about incidents at the road level, airports and ports."—Office of Communications and Equipment of Information Systems and Technology at the National Infrastructure Agency of Colombia. 
As you may have guessed, we're not slowing down. We're committed to giving away our products & data to help people and municipalities around the world solve congestion problems and rethink mobility.

Want to help us reach the next 600? Encourage your city to become the next Connected Citizens Program partner and join our effort to build the cities of tomorrow.

Waze Carpool Expands Service to Washington State

Waze Carpool now live in Washington to
connect riders and drivers for an easier, more affordable commute 

[MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.] – March 20, 2018 – Waze, the free, real-time navigation app powered by 100 million monthly active users, announced today the expansion of Waze Carpool to Washington state, connecting riders and drivers for an easier, more affordable commute while reducing the strain on the roads and environment.

Currently available in California, Texas, and Israel, the Waze Carpool community-focused approach makes it fun and simple for Wazers to save time and money on their commute while tackling the root of all traffic issues: too many cars on the road. With more than 375,000 monthly active Wazers in Seattle alone, Waze Carpool will call upon its Washington users to ride together and share trips happening anyway.

“Waze has always been about outsmarting traffic, together,” said Noam Bardin, Chief Wazer. “With Waze Carpool, we are expanding our mission to ending traffic, altogether. Traffic is a universal problem affecting our well-being, environment, and economy. However, there is a solution that can improve the quality of everyone's daily commute—with Waze Carpool, we are getting extra cars off the road, while helping people save time, money, and the environment."

Waze has deep roots in Washington and begins service working closely with allies that share a vision for the future of mobility, including: The Office of Governor Jay Inslee, Washington State Department of Transportation, Seattle Department of Transportation, King County Metro, Kirkland, Commute Seattle, and the Tacoma Dome.

The Waze Carpool experience seamlessly builds on the many features that make Waze the leading real-time navigation app, including an industry-first HOV functionality that incorporates carpool lanes into routing & ETA calculations. Through a simple, 3-step process users are in control—finding, connecting, and riding with fellow Wazers on their commute.

Features of Waze Carpool include:

  • Choose your fellow carpooler: Riders or drivers can choose their carpool buddy based on profiles, star ratings, number of mutual friends, and customizable filters such as same gender and coworker. 
  • Optimized routes: Using the real-time traffic updates and HOV routing of Waze, riders and drivers enjoy the fastest route, every time. 
  • Reduced commute costs: With all payments handled securely through the app, riders pay for an affordable trip, while drivers get money for gas (up to $15 per ride) 

Download Waze (for drivers) and Waze Rider (for passengers) on iOS or Android. New registrants will receive a free ride upon download. Bonuses include $30 for a successful Driver referral and an extra ride for a Rider referral.

To find out more about Waze Carpool, visit waze.com/carpool.

About Waze 
Waze is the social navigation pioneer, leveraging mobile technology and a passionate global community to redefine expectations of today’s maps. Waze is home to the world’s largest network of drivers who work together daily to outsmart traffic and save time and money. The app consistently recommends the fastest routes based on real-time driving and data from millions of users. From traffic reroutes to low gas price alerts and relevant offers from favorite brands, Waze is one of the most comprehensive driving companions in the marketplace.

Partner Quotes 

“Washington State embraces innovation that helps reduce traffic, and we welcome technology like the new Waze Carpool app that gives the traveling public more choices.” - Charles Knutson, Executive Policy Advisor to Governor Inslee 

“Innovative tools like Waze Carpool are a great example of using technology to help our growing transportation needs. We have found that many of the people who live in Kirkland work outside the city, and many of the people who work in Kirkland live elsewhere. The City of Kirkland seeks both public and private partners to help people get where they want to go without relying on single-occupancy vehicles.” - Kirkland’s Deputy Mayor, Jay Arnold 

“One of Seattle’s great successes is having so many options for people to get around. Our rich environment of great transit, bikeshare, rideshare and carshare helps commuters optimize their day while reducing their footprint. That environment is getting even richer today with the launch of Waze Carpool. On-demand carpooling at the touch of a button is a fast, convenient and low-cost option for people who currently drive alone. We applaud all efforts to help people travel smarter and keep Seattle moving.” - Jonathan Hopkins, Executive Director of Commute Seattle 

“With the introduction of Waze Carpool, we are looking forward to growing our partnership with Waze as their inaugural arena partner. As a Global Event Partner, thousands of concertgoers have already engaged the Waze app to navigate to the Tacoma Dome. We are pleased to offer fans another innovative tool to share a ride and share their experience while helping to reduce the traffic associated with large-scale events.” - Kim Bedier, Director for Tacoma Venues & Events, City of Tacoma 

“Metro welcomes the addition of new mobility providers to help people travel more efficiently and save time and money. As a piece of the mobility solution, we are exploring new partnerships with carpooling app companies to give commuters more options, increase access to transit, and make our transportation system work better for everyone.” - Christina O’Claire, King County Metro’s Assistant General Manager for Planning and Customer Service

Waze Carpool Rolls into Washington State

Today, we're excited to share Waze Carpool is live in Washington State. 

Why Washington? Waze already has a strong community of Wazers in Washington—more than 375K strong in Seattle alone—who use Waze every day to shave precious minutes off their commute. And with traffic becoming increasingly worse throughout the state, Waze Carpool will help Washington Wazers save even more time via the carpool lane, while making the most of their time on the road, catching up with a neighbor or coworker on-the-go.

Bringing Waze Carpool to Washington was possible thanks in huge part to our allies across the state. With the support of our local partners, including: The Office of Governor Jay Inslee, Washington State Department of Transportation, Seattle Department of Transportation, King County Metro, Kirkland, Commute Seattle, and the Tacoma Dome; we can make our shared vision for the future of mobility, a reality. In the words of two of our partners:

"Washington State embraces innovation that helps reduce traffic, and we welcome technology like the new Waze Carpool app that gives the traveling public more choices." 
- Charles Knutson, Executive Policy Advisor to Governor Inslee 
"One of Seattle's great successes is having so many options for people to get around. Our rich environment of great transit, bikeshare, rideshare, and carshare helps commuters optimize their day while reducing their footprtint. That environment is getting even richer today with the launch of Waze Carpool. On-demand carpooling at the touch of a button is a fast, convenient and low-cost option for people who currently drive alone. We applaud all efforts to help people travel smarter and keep Seattle moving." 
- Jonathan Hopkins, Executive Director of Commute Seattle 
So, ready to make the most of your commute? Good news: you can get carpooling in just 3 steps. All it takes is a one-time account setup (you can connect your Facebook or Google/Gmail account) and adding your headshot.

Not ready to commit to being a driver vs. a rider? You can seamlessly move between apps—Waze Carpool for riders & Waze for drivers—with the top toggle, depending on your daily preference and schedule. Ambidextrousness is encouraged!

Start riding: 

  1. Browse profiles of drivers, clicking on each individual for additional details like shared interests & reviews from past riders. 
  2. Request a ride from as many drivers as you'd like. (#ProTip: the more requests, the better the chance of finding a match). And if you're the plan-ahead type, you can schedule up to 5 days in advance.
  3. Wait for the driver to respond & coordinate any final details with your fellow Wazer (not a computer.)
Start driving: 

  1. Browse profiles of riders on your route, organized into a helpful list that arranges your closest Wazers first on your list.
  2. Offer a ride. #ProTip: you can offer rides to multiple people at once. You'll be matched with whoever accepts first. 
  3. Wait for a rider to respond & communicate any final details with a fellow carpooler before enjoying your carpool. 
Washingtonians, remember Waze Carpool is totally new to your area, so if you don't see anyone on your route now, that just means you need to help us spread the word...

Share referrals and everybody gets a #WazeWin. Just look for the 🎁in your app menu and you'll get a free ride for every friend that rides with Waze Carpool or a $30 bonus for every friend that drives with Waze. Thanks for sharing with all your friends, family members, and coworkers!

See you in the carpool lane,
The Waze Carpool Team 

The New Waze Carpool

Today, we’re excited to share that a new Waze Carpool is here, and totally redesigned with you in mind. Though the experience has changed, our mission has not: we want to make it easy and fun for Wazers to commute together while saving time, money, and the environment—and ultimately putting an end to traffic.

So, what’s changed? The new Waze Carpool is all about choosing the right experience for you. You asked, we listened. And there’s a lot more to come, but new features include:

  • No more blind matching: yep, you’re in control! You can see drivers and riders going your way, and choose the people you want to carpool with based on detailed profiles, star ratings, and connections like same workplace and mutual friends—along with price and distance off route. Your best matches (closest to your route) will appear at the top. 
  • Customize your ride: we’ve added filters so you can choose to ride with coworkers only, or opt to select a driver of the same gender. Lots more options coming soon. 
  • Improve your chances to find a match: now, you can send multiple ride or drive requests and easily access your calendar view. 
Need a few more reasons to give it a go? Waze Carpool will help you make the most of your commute. It’s often the most affordable commuting choice for riders, and an easy way to earn gas money if you’re behind the wheel. It’s also a great way to meet your neighbors, network with coworkers, and know you’re doing good by your city by filling empty seats in your car and eliminating vehicles on the road.

Download the new Waze Carpool app today and see who’s on your route.

Once you try it, don’t be shy! Please tell us what you think over on Facebook. It’s your feedback that helps us improve and continue to make Waze Carpool a better experience for you. You can also say hi to us on Twitter and Instagram.

Ring in Chinese New Year with New & Improved Waze Voices

Scroll down for the full story in Chinese

Happy Chinese New Year!

For those celebrating Chinese New Year, it's the Year of the Dog, which is predicted to be a successful year for industrial projects and new-found hope. And here on the Waze team, it means working to be an *even more* dependable and reliable navigation partner for our global Waze Community.

Today—thanks to a small but mighty team of 5 Waze staffers—we're bringing new and improved Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) and Traditional Chinese (Mandarin) Voices to the Waze app.

In a testament to Year of the Dog-style #teamwork, our upgraded Chinese Waze Voices evolved from an idea to re-translated, recorded, tested and live in the Waze app in only 10 days (a process that typically takes several months!). For project lead Mona Weng (our Waze Broadcasters Global Program Lead), this accomplishment is a personal one. In Mona's own words:

It was a really meaningful opportunity for me because I actually learned Chinese when I moved to California in 6th grade. Having lived [across] the US as pretty much the only Chinese person growing up, I was completely disconnected from the language and culture. Translating and recording the Chinese voices for Waze [is] the culmination of almost 15 years of devoting myself to understanding and mastering the language. Since I (obviously) love and use Waze daily (it's been a crucial tool for me to get around the severely-congested Bay Area), I was hoping to marry my love for the app with my passion for the Chinese language. This way, I can enable more Chinese speakers around the world to be able to use and experience the magic of Waze.

Mona in the studio recording.

Thanks to the hard work of Mona, the Waze Localization Team, and a few fellow Chinese speaking Waze teammates, our refreshed Chinese Voices are live and ready for Chinese-speaking Wazers around the world.

To update your Voice Language to Simplified Chinese (Mandarin), head to Settings > Voice Directions > 同同

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) 

To update your Voice Language to Traditional Chinese (Mandarin), head to Settings > Voice Directions > 小夢

Traditional Chinese (Mandarin)

Don't forget, it's the work of our Waze Community (yes, that's you!), that inspires us to continuously find new, innovated ways to outsmart traffic and make Waze even better.

Got and idea? Submit it to the Waze Suggestion Box. Or get involved with your local Waze Community and become a Waze Map Editor

恭喜发财 (Have a prosperous New Year),
The Waze Team 

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest Waze news. 


等程序),我們在短短十天內完成!其中的功臣大將Mona Weng--就是幕後的中文聲音,Mona平時擔任Waze



想要嘗試新的簡體中文語音導航,只要開啟Waze app,點選設定-->選擇導航語音-->選擇”同同”

繁體中文語音導航:開啟Waze app,點選設定-->選擇導航語音-->選擇”小夢”


More Waze on your Car's Big Screen with Ford & SmartDeviceLink

Coming to you straight from today's Consumer Electronics Show, we're excited to share that driving with Waze on your Ford's big screen is about to get a whole lot easier.

Thanks to our partnership with Ford and SmartDeviceLink (SDL), by the end of this quarter, you'll be able to access the full Waze app experience from your car's screen with your iOS device—marking our first official in-vehicle integration for iOS users. 

For all our Wazers out there who drive a Ford vehicle with SYNC 3, you'll see a mirror image of your Waze app live on you car's screen, and hear your favorite voice leading the way through your car's sound system (hey there, Boy Band). This also means access to all your favorite features, from the trusty Waze Speedometer, to newer standouts like HOV route support and "Talk to Waze" voice commands. 

The best part? Any time a new feature rolls out on your Waze app, it'll automatically be visible on your car's screen, too. 

All you need to do is: 
  1. Use a cable to plug your Waze-equipped iOS device into the USB port of your Ford (SYNC 3 versions 3.0 or higher).
  2. Enjoy seeing Waze projected onto your car's touch screen. 
The Waze integration on Ford/Lincoln SYNC 3 AppLink (Ford's SDL) requires software version 3.0 or higher. At launch, this will include most new 2018-model vehicles. If you're driving an older, SYNC 3-enabled model, you'll just need to update your car system over-th-air or with a USB drive to access Waze (software update availability coming later this year).

Not a Ford owner? Don't stress. Our partnership with SmartDeviceLink aims to provide a seamless Waze in-car experience to lots more brands in the future. We'll make sure to keep you up-to-date on SDL news and more on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram