Now that the first wazers are driving around with the Alpha on their Androids in the SF / Bay area, we are finally out of stealth mode and are happy to introduce ourselves;

our goal at waze is to make everybody's every-day driving experience better. We do it in an unusual way, and we don't just do it by ourselves, we do it together with you, the drivers.  The good news is that we know it works, because we've already successfully done it outside of the U.S and have just started our U.S Alpha a few days ago.

We also want to thank the Alpha registrants.  We are delighted to have you on board for this exciting project.

More in our next post.


  1. I'm looking forward to your Global version can be released ASAP. Hopefully I can use waze in China as early as possible! I make a GPS navigator by myself and it can work with Waze. The bad thing is I don't have Chinese MAP...

  2. great stufffff

    we will love to have it here in NJ

    please add NY/NJ North East maps



  3. How is this different from DASH - http://www.dash.net?

  4. Unlike Dash, waze is free and runs on any GPS-enabled smartphone. It doesn’t require buying a dedicated device.

  5. Fascinating application. It is viral and with immediate gratification and can be sold in so many different markets.

    I can help for the US and European markets. We should talk!

    I just register for the test. You have my email in your list.

    Hope to speak with you or Noam soon.


  6. I just Uninstalled waze. It was awful. It couldn't even locate my home on the map. I used it 4 times and the map showed my location no less than 1 mile away from where I actually was. Two of those times, I wanted it to give me directions. The problem was not only didn't it give me direction, it didn't know where I was at any given time.

    I know some people like this app. But in my opinion, it is useless. There may be something wrong with the way it reads the gps signal.