Thanks to our early Alpha drivers

A couple of weeks ago we started a very limited alpha of the service with a small group of Android users in the San Francisco / Bay area. While the service is fully functional in Israel, we had to test a totally new infrastructure, a new client version and a new underlying base maps.... so alpha testing was no picnic :)

This is the opportunity to thank  the early alpha users  who’ve spent quite a lot of time and mileage driving around with waze, identified and helped us solve some major issues.

A special thank you goes to ariesboy475 and marstein (nicknames) for the intensive driving and comments. Your feedback was extremely helpful.

We’ve made the first round of fixes and will be ready within a week or so to extend the alpha to a second group of android users and to Windows mobile users. Those of you with windows mobile gps enables phones can already register to the alpha here.

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