Getting the most out of waze

Between the feedback we’ve received on Twitter and the Android Market, we’re happy to see that people understand that the waze community is a work in progress. It’ll take a little time until there’s a critical mass of users in your area, but stick around! Once you’re part of an active driving community, you’ll see how much more the app will have to offer.


For the app to provide its full value, a few things need to happen:

One - you gotta help us spread the word! The more people wazing in your area, the more useful the application will be. You’ll be able to communicate with other drivers when stuck in a traffic jam, you’ll get super-reliable traffic updates and a whole lot more...

Two – you gotta get out there and drive! The cool part about waze is that the more you drive, the better it gets. It’s smart like that. By just driving with the app open, you’re automatically helping to build the live maps (teaching the map what streets are one way, where the turns are, etc.) that the rest of the community will benefit from, too.

It’s really fun for us to see people get excited about waze and to encourage others to get involved to build the community in their areas. Check out some of the comments we’ve seen on the Android Market so far:

  • “Download if you're in Seattle, this is only gonna be useful if we all use it; needs a bigger community. Fun, tho.”

  •  “Looks great and it has a whole lot of potential.”

  •  “Missing part of road, but there is where we the users come in 2 make it better by adding and editing street.”

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