Map editors, improvements and area managers

The waze map is constantly improving and really starting to shape up - thanks to more and more people who are getting involved and helping us make the maps of their hometowns better.


We invite all map lovers to check out our new and improved map editor (cartouche), that now has a few new features that help you map better:

  1. State and city names pre-filled when creating a new street

  2. connect and disconnect roads to junctions with one click

  3. layer transparency (to view more or less of the roads / gps points / satellite imagery / any layer you choose)

  4. Editing a few segments at once

  5. much more

This is also a good chance to give a big kudos to some of our top notch map editors: Fitch, hodgie2005, sstair, ryman1, seppesai, dougm, kasrhp and Meister! Keep up the good work!

We are now starting to appoint area managers; an area manager has more privileges and permissions in his specific area of expertise (for example, your city or neighborhood).

If you'd like to learn more about map editing or becoming an area manager in your city, drop us a line at


  1. Sweet! Thanks for the shoutout. It has been lots of fun fixing up my area.

  2. please make it available in Europe, soon :-) PLS .. this is amazing navigation ... say good bye, "TOMTOM Map Share"

  3. We really do hope to get to Europe soon :). Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Where can we download it for Android HTC Hero ...

    We Want It !! Netherlands, Europe

  5. We want Canada! Am driving around the Montreal (Quebec, Canada) area with Waze enabled, building new roads, and just getting used to the road editor in the Web interface. Unfortunately, our Canadian reports (traffic, roads, etc) don't seem to be included whatsoever on the Live Map ?

  6. Hi Robin - great work you guys are doing in Canada :) . it should work for you. Would be great if you could open a Canadian thread in the forum, it'll go faster from there. Thanks