Your phone could be wazing soon

We've been getting a lot of questions about support for more phones, so we've figured  to share our roadmap for the near future here on our blog and unwind some worried minds.

Waze is currently supported on Android devices (G1, MyTouch / G2) and will support future Android devices as well.

waze on WinMo coming soon!

Here are the next versions we are currently planning:

  1. Windows Mobile - around the end of August we will support touch screen devices such as the Touch Pro and Pro2 (Fortress) , Diamond2 and the Omnia. A qwerty version for phones such as the Snap, Jack and others will follow shortly after.

  2. iPhone - the waze version for iPhone will be available on the app store by late August / early September, and supported on both 3G and 3Gs devices

  3. Nokie / Symbian - we will support both touch (5800 / N97) and non-touch (E71) phones by early Septemeber.

  4. BlackBerry - we are planning support for BlackBerry devices (touch and keyboard), but those are still in early stages of development.

You can always sign up for our next alpha to receive an email as soon as these version are available:

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  1. José R SiqueiraJuly 18, 2009 at 1:40 AM

    On Market / Search / Waze get the message: There are no matches in Android Market for te search: Waze. Why? How can I download the Waze?

  2. Any idea when this will be available outside the US? Belgium to be more specific (I know, maybe it's still too soon to tell but this has potentional! ;-).

  3. Hi Bart. We really do want to be in Europe soon. Keep following our blog / waze on twitter to be the first to know!

  4. Is Blackberry really 4th on the priority list? Its only the most sold type of smartphone. In Q2 of 2009 it held 4 of the top 6 spots for smartphones with the most units sold. Why wouldn't you want to be on that platform asap?

    I think I read something this week that say Microsoft will, or at least should, shed their WinMo business. Then I read today that Nokia may drop Symbian and go for another more open platform.

    Android and iPhone are must haves but I'd think that Blackberry would at least beat out WinMo and Symbian. But what do I know, I'm just a consumer.

  5. Hi Jeff,
    Blackberry is last due to technical issues. It is the only platform which does not allow running native code, so porting our application is not trivial and takes a considerable amount of time. The other platforms we support pretty much run the same code, so it was simple and quick to support them. We all know a lot of Blackberry peeps eager to get in on the waze fun, but it'll take a little bit longer. Stay tuned to our Twitter stream and blog for more information and, eventually, an announcement...

  6. waiting for symbian v5 version, and obviously argentina support!

    Here I'm to test if you need

  7. I'm really waiting the symbian60 3th to come out. Actually i would rellay like to be a tester already now. since i heard about this app on the symbian guru, i have been coming in here almost everyday hoping to find the tester or full version. pls for us symbian user (basicly the biggest smartphone share right now), give us the app, or at list some testers :-).

    Hoping to be able to have this app soon.

  8. Is there any way to recieve an alert when you are ready for Blackberry users?

  9. Any update on the status of Blackberry support? Would love to use this app, but there is no info on a projected alpha version. Any update would be nice.


  10. Any update about waze for BlackBerry, countries like Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia are full of Blackberry devices!!

  11. Can't believe blackberry devices are not in the priority list. Big mistake since today every one owns a BB, even in my 3rd world country (Ecuador). I think that if waze will work on BB devices it could enter in the super app category and RIM will provide full support for it.

    It's so amazing how fast the BB plattform is growing that today everybody ask for your PIN not for your email anymore.

    Hope I will be runnig this great app in my BB 9700 soon.

  12. Can't wait to get waze for blackberry here in South africa! A notification page would be great!

  13. You should know perhaps 80% of all corporate drivers, salespeople (doing a lot of km with unlimited internet access) use Blackberries. When you release it, your network will explode.

    RELEASE FOR Blackberry SOON!!!!

  14. By the looks of thing, I think it is safe to conclude that Waze has abandoned any plans for Blackberry support. What a bunch of dopes.