How to know if you're addicted to waze

Wazer 'mysoulishome' posted a list to the user's forum that made us giggle and we wanted to share it with you... :)

You know you're addicted to Waze when...

1. You dream about map editing at night

2. You see something suspicious on the side of the road but hesitate to call 911 because you'd have to exit waze (iPhone users) LOSING POINTS!


3. You secretly wish that you actually left dotted lines everywhere you went. It would be great for finding lost car keys

...Feel free to add your own in the comments.





  1. (Definitely identify with the spouse laughing one...happens all the time :-)

    5. You intentionally take different roads to work every day, just for the points

  2. - You are more likely to die from Wazing than texting

    - You would rather look at/watch waze than talk on the phone (same as 2)

  3. You pretend not to notice the indicated turning just so that you can turn down the next road because you realize the next road still has dots on it.

  4. - Date nights go from dinner and a movie to long drives around town gobbling dots along the way.

    - You find yourself taking longer to get home at the end of the day so you can grap those few precious dots in neighborhoods you normally would drive by.

    - You scream at your iPhone when someone decides they need to call you while you drive.

  5. You make the Pac-Man "WOBBA-WOBBA" chomping sound while munching new roads.

  6. On your first day of using Waze, you get home from work, it's midnight, you're dog tired, but you start just driving around to feel part of the contributing crowd that maps the planet

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