Portland test drive, featuring waze and pie – the good things in life

Find yourself in Portland with an iPhone or Android phone and nothing to do on Tuesday, August 11 from 7-9pm? Join us for our first in-person wazer test drive!

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To participate all you have to do is:

  • Download waze from the Android Market or iPhone Appstore.

  • Leave from anywhere in Portland at 7pm on Tuesday, entering the destination address: 1412 SE 12th Avenue, Portland. If the route that waze gives you is incorrect, just drive the correct way – you’ll actually be teaching waze.

  • Make sure to chomp as many road points as you can and test out different parts of the app. - integrate road tweets in the settings section, record new road and report traffic or any hazards you come across.

At 7:30, we’ll converge at Whiffies and after a brief discussion of the app, we’ll enjoy some tasty pies - on the house!

If you happen to be in the area and want to participate, but don’t have a car, contact us and we’ll hook you up with another driver. Make sure to RSVP if you plan on coming, and we’ll see you there!


  1. doh! Just started using waze... I missed free pie?!?!?

  2. AWWW MAN! Me too! Just started using WAZE 2 days ago. It is by FAR my favorite app! Spreading the word so there will be more Wazers in Oregon soon!