Waze now available on iPhone!

We’re really excited to announce that waze is now available as a free download on the iPhone Appstore! Find us on the Appstore by looking under the ‘Navigation’ category or by searching ‘waze’. Waze on iPhone 3Gs

Leave a Review, and Tell a Friend!

If you’re an iPhone user, go ahead and download waze – we hope you’ll like the app and help out with positive reviews. If you’re not an iPhone user but have friends with one, we’d appreciate your help in spreading the word. Drop a quick line to your friends with iPhones to give them a heads up about waze.

Getting Better all the Time

Remember, the more people who open the application on their daily commute, the better waze’s map information and driving directions will get, and we hope with the addition of iPhone users, driving communities across the nation will experience a nice little boom. We’ll keep you posted…

Waze Across America Contest

And one last thing – iPhone users can now participate in our  ‘waze across America contest’, for their chance to win their choice of an iPhone 3Gs or myTouch 3G. All you have to do to participate is download waze and send a road report. Once your state gets to 100 unique road reports, we’ll pick one winner, at random, to pick their new phone. Click here for further contest details.

Win iPhone 3Gs or myTouch 3G from Waze


  1. Morten Bek DitlevsenAugust 6, 2009 at 11:19 PM

    I am a contributor to the iPhone part of Roadmap. Roadmap is GPL v2.

    Is this the 'Waze' that was 'Freemap' that is a fork of Roadmap?

    Remember that you need to include the GPL text with your app - and the source either along with the binary or on a related website or similar.


    /morten bek ditlevsen

  2. Hi, does this work from a computer? I mean, right after I get back from work, can I contribute with information regarding traffic from my home computer? I don't have a smartphone, and most of the people don't either, so this would be a great feature.

    Also, I tried signing up but when I click Join it says "You must sign in to view this page"

  3. Great app - keep up the good work.

  4. Looks great. Congrats on the good work and decent press around it.

    Would be really excited to get this in Australia!

  5. You can also embed an iTunes link, so folks don't have to search. Here's Waze's link


    Neat app, installing now.

  6. Can I ask who's the designer of your blog's theme? Thanks in advance! Regards, iPhone Dude

  7. Hey iPhone Dude,

    As far as I understand our theme isn't 'pre-fab', our very talented designer, Elad, created it...


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