New features heads up: Wazers nearby, Wazer Royalty and more...

In our next release (which we hope to release to android within a few weeks) there'll be several small changes, two of them more special and social.

  • The first feature, Wazers nearby,  shows you the closest fellow wazer within a certain radious.

  • The second feature, Wazer Royalty,   highlights that wazers that contribute most with a crown.  Because we're in process of changing the points system - the criteria for getting the crown is still being discussed.


  • And there's more... addicted road munchers will love this one: in settings, ability to set preference for a  dot eating-intensive route to your destination.  We're adding fun to new road recording... when recording your car is transformed into an animated asphalt roller.  Curious about a nearby wazer? You'll be able to click on the wazer and view points and rank details.

Many of these were suggested by you. So keep them coming!


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  2. Sweet, I want a crow! I mean crown ;)

    Also needed: ability to click on a nearby wazer to say hello. When you click on them the program plays the "Wassssssssssssssssup!" sound by the Budweiser frogs haha...

  3. These are some awesome ideas. Great to see you guy implementing fresh, user initiated ideas.

  4. Sweet! Will these features be hitting the iPhone as well?

  5. Definitely be on iphone too! will just take more time till the submitted version is approved.

  6. Looking forward to the new advances. Not sure where to leave suggestions, so I will drop them here.

    - Provide directions as a list

    - Restrict the trouble reports to the local area. I'm in DC and don't need to see reports in Kansas

    - If I have route, and am following it, restrict reports to the route, and likely alternatives

    Very cool stuff, thanks,


  7. Thanks for the feedback pete. we are adding all 3 of those. It'll roll out in upcoming versions. likely to enter early November

  8. All improvements sound great. How about offering bumper stickers for our cars and trucks that say:

    "Know traffic RIGHT NOW? - Get Mobile!"


    "Don't want to be stuck behind me? - Get Mobile!"

    I'd buy some for a small donation and put on all my cars. There's not enough WAZErs in my area for the app to be as useful as I know it can be. Word needs to get out and bumper stickers on our vehicles may help. The only bad stigma is that some people I have told think the app will cause accidents (like texting while driving). Would be nice to be able to click on WAZErs in the area and see what their average MPH is on the current street they are on (as well as how much distance traveled on that particular street). In this way those drivers don't have to do any input on their phone.. just open the app before they start driving and it just records their route and those stats for everyone else's benefit... like as a public service.

  9. I would love to see the ability to add other wazers as "friends". With features at some point to be like Latitude...the ability to share our location and routes. :) Love addicted. Its ruining my life. Thanks guys! :)

  10. I need a thorough an complete tutorial on using my Waze. I love the whole idea ... just can't figure it all out!

  11. Hi Jerry,

    check out this user manual on our wiki:

    It might need a little bit of updating for the new version, but hopefully everything you need is in there!

  12. Great. Now i can say thank you!,

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