New Iphone Version Now Live on The Appstore

This version includes changes and fixes based on comments, suggestions and bugs reported by V1 wazers.

  • Improved UI:  Top buttons are now clickable and GPS and network reception is clearer. Map controls can appear on tap, are more transparent, and zoom in and out were moved to the top left and right corners.

  • Voice prompts were added to navigation. We'll add more voices in near future. We are also planning on having user recorded prompt... stay tuned for the 'waze  Voiceoff contest' coming up soon.

  • The majority of the bugs reported were fixed.

We're planning a very frequent release schedule. In a previous post we gave a sneak preview to some of the next version's features



  1. I'd love to try this but it's not available in the UK itunes store. any idea when we'll have this app available to us?


  2. Hi, I was wondering when can we expect this in Europe. Surely beyond a little bandwidth (maybe lot!) this could be easily expanded to Europe. I'd be more than happy to help build the maps when I'm out and about! :)