New Iphone features heads-up: Ipod and 'Contacts' integration

The alpha we just released includes these two features.
* Navigating to an address from your contact list
* Invoking and operating your ipod when waze is running.
This version includes the previously mentioned new features
Many wazers requested these features, so here you go..... enjoy and keep the requests coming!

It's now being tested by wazers. will be submitted to the appstore soonest.


  1. Any chance of a uk version?

  2. Is this iphone only, or G1 too?

  3. We'll soon make waze available for download worldwide but it will be for a much earlier stage of building. No base map will be provided initially. mostly a building game.

  4. Yael:
    thanks fpor the update. you say that a worldwide version will be more a "building game", is there an intention that it becomes a satnav tool for the RoW and that base maps and future functionaility will come along later to make any map-making users have done make sense?

  5. A couple things I would love to see you all refine the actual GPS stuff: Text to Speech support, 3D view, better routing, nearby stuff (i.e. restaurants, banks, atms, ...,) oh and landscape support. Also, please allow us to set max distance for reported items, i.e. I don't really care about a police officer 450 miles away!

    Thanks for the great product!

  6. Indeed the idea is to make it SatNav capable for ROW, but the process for it will take time. Where possible, if there is a base map, we will evaluate the usage of such map to expedite the process, but in most cases there is no open available base map.

  7. Hello
    How can i become a alpha tester of waze

    good day

  8. I would like Waze to take advantage of the accelerometer in the iphone and automatically switch between landscape and '?vertical?' views. I would like that, I don't know if everyone would though.

    A long term goal for Waze could be to mark gas stations and provide current prices of fuel.

    Thanks for making a very nice AND FREE app!!! I intend to provide you with very valuable user created data as long as you promise never to charge me a dime. If this ever costs money I'm gone!! :)

  9. Everything you are mentioning (with the exception of the accelerometer) is in the works :). Lanscape will be in upcoming version, the rest is in various stages of development

  10. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?