‘Waze across America’ contest draws to a close

So, the ‘waze across America’ contest recently came to a close and we’re happy to report we had many happy winners in each the first 10 states that reached 100 unique road reports. One randomly-picked winner got their choice of a new iPhone 3GS or MyTouch 3G in each state and the top five road reporters in all ten states got special waze goodie bags, too. (BTW - If you haven’t gotten yours yet, sit tight, they’ll be on their way shortly…)

Here are the states that got to the finish line first: New York, California, Georgia, Texas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois and Florida.

Bummed that you didn’t win? Fear not – a new waze promotion is upon us just in time for Thanksgiving. We’re cooking up something nice, so stay tuned to the blog. Further details to come in the next week or two…


  1. You should have still included those of us who were the top 5 reporters for goodie bags!

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