Waze is making a buzz out there

titlesFollowing our participation at DEMO 09, waze has received a string of great press that we wanted to share with you. We’ve recently been covered by TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, CNet and BoingBoing, to name a few. Here’s a bit of what MG Siegler, of TechCrunch, had to say about us:

Turn-by-turn navigation was one of the features that iPhone users were most looking forward to with the release of the iPhone 3.0 software. Unfortunately, as users quickly found out, turn-by-turn meant either significantly more expensive apps, or a monthly fee. Not only does Waze do it for free, but it offers an interesting gaming element to boot.

And in terms of press, another great item we had a few weeks ago was this feature on waze that ran on Slate.com’s The Big Money site. When you have a moment, hop over there and check it out – it gives a great big-picture perspective on the landscape from which waze came...

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