...And the world is wazing!

One week from making waze available for international wazing and the numbers are amazing.

Users downlaoded the app in 7735 different cities worldwide, started editing the map in 250  countries and began recording roads in  902 cities...


Screen shot 2009-11-18 at 11.54.53 AM

Very interesting to see how some users make a enormous contributions in their cities. kudos  on the great job this week!   Great to have you'll on board!


  1. I would like to participate too and to make contributions for Vienna/Austria. But my device (Nokia 5800, Symbian S60v5) is not supported ... :-(

  2. It´s funny! On your download page http://www.waze.com/download/wm_symbian_download/ you have a picture at the left, which shows a Nokia N97 - which is not supported yet ... ;-)

  3. Nice to see my city on the map. However, I find one thing interesting in the statistics:

    Downloaded in 7735 cities
    Recorded 905 cities

    We have a lack of map editors!

  4. Siamo primi!!!!!!!

    diamo dentro!!!!!!

  5. @Robin1979 : Indeed - map editing is the really tough part of the project... especially given the time (and expertise) required in learning the map editing terminology (nodes, intersections, top, bottom, join, etc etc) and the sometimes buggy and sluggish interface.

    Here's to seeing more of Montreal, Quebec, Canada on the Waze map! Si le client sera traduit en francais ; ca aiderai beaucoup!