Chit chat phenomena in waze Italy clarified

As you saw in our previous post about Italy , we were quite amazed with the exceptional heavy use of the chit chat by Italians using waze.  In some chit chats we've noted threads with up to 30 responses!   Here's the explanation provided by Steve; one of the core community members in Italy. THANKS STEVE!

"Welcome the Italy, the land of chatters :D
First a little background: italians pretty much addicted to sms, we tend to use them for almost everything. Don't forget that Italy is the European country with the highest number of mobile phones per person. I think this is probably why they're using a lot of chit chats in Waze too.

One example:
ilaria-mariani - "I'm starting to map Milan… but it will take a lot of time!! I'm hoping for more helpers!"
torpedoblu - "Keep mapping, this navigator has to grow. I just downloaded it.
rriky92 - "I am!" (probably referred to the "more helpers" of the 1st)
aleq - "I'm doing Bergamo!!!!"
nashis - "Do I just have to keep waze on to create new roads?"
B612 - "iIll help you too. In the end we'll do it.
giardi88 - "I'll give you a hand too, i drive around Milan all day long"
mino - "I'm mapping, but I can't edit on the website. Anyone?"
ziozinga - "I'm trying too :) "
tommysapokk - "I'm in Varese… we need help!!!"
(and goes on like this)

Another example:
dea- "Hi everyone!"
alex_912 - "Hi, i'm starting to map the lower part of Bergamo!" (it's a city in the Alps)
cartavetro - "Me too…"

And again:
corry - "iIm having some trouble understanding the graphic… red roads are mine, those with points are the ones I should confirm, but what about the dark-gray ones??"
scriptoriumfos - "I don' understand anything… it might be free, but at least i'd like to be able to navigate"
ermes - "Are you from Ferrara??"
corry - "Yes! How many are we?? 3-4??"

Basically, from what I can see at the moment, they're using chit chats to say hello, to say what area they are mapping, and to ask questions about the software.
Some users even asked (in the comments on iphoneitalia) why there's a 2 raws limit in the view of the comments they have on the mobile phone, because they wanted to see longer comments.

I hope it helps..."

Here's Italy today - Still very active, and chatty :)

Screen shot 2009-11-17 at 11.37.59 AM


  1. I read some of the chit chats, many are just SPAM!

  2. [...] Il programma inoltre permette lo scambio di messaggi tra utenti, principalmente per segnalare se sulla strada ci sono stati incidenti, ci sono lavori o semplicemente c’è troppo traffico. Sembra però che gli italiani anzichè usarlo per messaggi di servizio usino la funzione per chiaccheirare allegramente, come riportato anche dal blog di Waze… [...]

  3. Just wait a very similar phenomena in Brazil. As soon as Waze get known and spread here.

  4. Oh well, that's part of the game.... as long as it's only a small part!

  5. I even-handed got 7 PMs within 2 weeks with nothing more then saying hi I'm recent to the forum. Is anyone else getting these