Driving community in Israel, on top of every incident


Yesterday, bikers in Israel organized a strike to protest increased insurance rates on their population by clogging some of the countries main transportation arteries. Thanks to waze, the driving community was all over it, and navigation was routed around the problem areas. In fact, we saw this tweet from a user on Twitter who managed to circumvent the protests, getting to work in record time... :)


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  2. I was rerouted a totally different way than I normally take to get to Tel Aviv, but the only time I get stuck is when I don't follow what Waze tells me to do. So, I listened (fortunately) and the live traffic data saved my life. The only problem was that the person I drove in to meet for business did NOT use Waze and left me waiting for two HOURS because he was stuck in standstill traffic caused by the bikers protest. It's all good, though, bc the person I had the meeting with was so embarrassed at his making me wait for 2+ hours, he offered me the contract as I ran the meeting, totally having the upper hand. When he asked me how the heck I made it to our scheduled appointment on time, I simply answered, "Waze".

  3. How cool. Great to hear. thanks for sharing!