Great reviews of the new version: Use of Gaming for Map Building

Our users and the press seem to really like the 'Road Goodie' concept, as a game, and a way to expedite map building and updating. Users have reported going out of their way to munch on these.  The contest that ran in parralel and will end today. 3 Winners will be announced.

Here's some of the coverage:

Scobelizer -  Robert Scoble "Dying career:  Traffic helicopter pilot"

Robert went out for a ride with the new version accompanied by Di-ann Eisnor, our Community Geographer. Here's what he wrote:

".....I’ve been using it and already I’ve found that the reports I’m getting are more complete than others (including the traffic reports in my 2010 Toyota Prius that I pay a lot of money every year to receive) and even include things like speed traps. Why? Because they are reported by other drivers on the ground. This system is even better than the Google Maps traffic on my Android phone (which is better than my iPhone).

This is a VERY disruptive company and one of my favorites to use. Get it now, it’ll save you a lot of time driving around. We’ll have to figure out something else for those traffic helicopter pilots and reporters to do, though...."

Gizmodo - John Herman - Waze turn-by-turn app lets you play with your car

"...Free, crowd-sourced turn-by-turn app Waze might not navigate quite as well as the Navigons and Telenavs of the world, but it's got one killer feature that they don't: cherries, to chomp with your car...."

ReadWriteWeb - Sarah Perez -  Navigation app waze makes crowdsourced map building a game.

"...Now, with Waze 2.0, the gaming elements have been enhanced even further. Users will now munch on other goodies like cherries, hammers, and small gift packages which generate bonus points. The extra goodies will be placed on locations where the map has issues with the higher-point items on maps with the most issues..."

Bitrebels  - Diana Adams -  iPhone GPS goes social gaming

What Waze has really done here with this new version of their already popular iPhone app is combined three of the hottest spaces online, social, gaming, and mobile GPS, into one fun and intuitive interface.

And there's more....


  1. The Gaming for Mapbuilding got the whole family involved--we learned more about the areas we pass through and enjoyed the many holiday lights/decorations in the twilight hours.

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  3. We love the Garmin. The only issue at all is that the traffic alerts are always wrong. Beyond that, it's easy to use and works like a dream.