It's official: waze is contagious…


We just found out that we were selected to be featured in Contagious Magazine’s newest issue. Contagious is a resource that covers topics such as branded content; mobile marketing; social networking; user-generated content; word of mouth; viral; interactive; blogs; video games; retail initiatives; design innovations and emerging technologies – and here’s what they had to say about us in issue 21 (page 29):

"Advanced as navigation technology has become, it isn’t all knowing, yet. Spotting local jams, overturned milk floats and burst water mains requires eyes on the ground. Step forward Waze, a free community-based mobile navigation app which automatically updates in real-time as users drive, detecting traffic levels which are constantly updated for other drivers to see. Users can share and report information such as accidents or road works, even upload photos. Development is completely dependent on the community, who update street names and correct errors as they go. Devised by Israeli software engineer Ehud Shabtai, Waze launched worldwide in November 2009."

Nice shout out to Ehud, our co-Founder and CTO!

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