Props to Italian user dcaponera!

Big ups to dcaponera, a fantastic Italian wazer who's taking time to seriously contribute to the driving community in his area. Basically, he started mapping one town (by driving it), then he edited his work back on the computer (adding names to the streets he paved, etc), and if that wasn't enough, he's moved on now to do even more towns nearby...

His approach is to map the main highways in the middle of these small cities, then some of the surrounding roads, so eventually everyone will be able to navigate using his mapping. Take a look at his  mapping of Albano Laziale, Italia, below. He's also in the process of working on Villini and Ariccia, south of Rome.  Nice work!



  1. Nice, same approach I've been using! Got a good hunk of Vancouver Island in BC, Canada, done now. Started in my small city of Parksville, moved out more as time went by. Got a bunch of Nanaimo done now, and started working on Port Alberni, and Victoria. I drove down to Victoria, 2 hours away, a couple times now and got a bunch of the main roads done. Finally got a friend of mine, in Victoria, to start using Waze too. And he's started recording some streets here and there, and I'll edit them for him since I have more spare time. So we've got a huge chunk of the main roads down there done now, and some of the regular roads, etc. And he got a friend of his started now, too. And I'm FINALLY noticing people I don't know are using Waze, hehe. Pretty cool, and getting cooler all the time. Amazing to see how the global map's blooming so quickly now!

  2. Props to you, too, Shorty-CM! It's great how you're not only building the maps for the driving community in your area, but also building actual community by recruiting your friends onboard.
    I suggest that you tell everyone all about your activity on the user blog - people wanna know! Keep up the great work...