Waze featured in Android Market This Week.

Hey Android wazers, remember the days you were the first waze users and there were only a few tens of you Androidians on waze? Well, many many more androidians are joining the waze community right now as waze is being featured on the Market.


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  1. Hi there!

    My name is Itav Topaz, I'm a Co-Founder at Sabakat and a big fan of Wazz!
    We're about to publish a new app in the Android market and i wonder if you can share some tips regarding the way you've reached the 'Featured' list on Android Market or any recommendation for distributors you are using in order to spread the word about your cool products.
    In a few words, our product is a virtual stadium for football fans outside the arena to allow them to be active during their team matches.

    Appreciate a tons!!
    Best regards