New Android version featuring 'Ping-a-Wazer'

Android_PingPing wazer2

Happy to announce that we’ve got a new version up on the Android Market, to be followed soon by a similar version  on the iPhone Appstore - more info on that, once we have it...

First off, this version has some significant  performance improvements including way better UI responsiveness and lower memory use. We hope that you’ll notice a big difference the next time you start wazing...

But the fun bit is this - we have a cool new feature to unveil: Ping-a-Wazer, where you can ping other wazers to get the ‘word on the street’ on what's happening in other locations. Just look for the wazers with a blue bubble on top of their avatars – this means that they agree to be pinged.

Important to note: If you’d like to make yourself available to be pinged, too, visit the profile section, under settings, and click 'I agree to be pinged'. Without changing these settings, you will not be shown as available for chat.

Note that for safety, just like with other waze reporting features, typing is disabled while the car is in motion, but go ahead and ping a wazer before you set out on the road, at those annoyingly long red lights, or from the shoulder of the road – and have fun with it!

Lastly, though your message will pop up on the screen of the user you pinged, make sure to keep in mind that all conversations are publically viewable under ‘chit chat’ – so be good!  ;-)

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