Waze Hits The Road with FedEx

In this interview Waze goes on the road with Ruben from Fedex to explore his daily drive in and around San Francisco. Augmented Reality Developer, Anselm Hook, takes Waze on rides with some of our favorite road geeks and fellow drivers around the Bay Area bringing back their stories. Here at Waze, we love drivers, we want to know how they drive and why, where they're going and what awaits them. Every driver has their own adventure. Anselm will be posting several driver reports and we are extending an invitation to any and all Wazers to send us reports from the road!

Anselm says "We wanted to get a sense of what it means to be a driver. What does it mean to need to navigate the road and to understand the road? What tricks and techniques do road warriors use? All of this input helps Waze shape our products in turn. I interviewed a bunch of people who drove every day - ranging from Fedex, to flower truck drivers, to Police. These are their stories."

What's it like on your own daily drive, road trip, side street? Send us traffic reports, driving videos, interviews! How do you use Waze? What do you see around you? What are the road conditions like? Post your 3 to 5 minute report from the road and send us the link! diann-at-waze.com

We'll feature our favorite road reports on our blog, so send us your best drive!

Happy Wazing

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