New waze points system has been activated

You may notice a very big difference in your points today and we want to take a moment to explain what’s goin’ on. (cue the Marvin Gaye…)

Why did we change anything to begin with?

Well, the old points system didn’t properly reward active user contributions that help everyone. For instance, road munching was given a significantly higher amount of points, as compared to road reporting or map editing. These actions serve to benefit the community at large, and as such, should be given the point-weight that they deserve – dontcha think?

Also, overall the number of points was just getting way too high and hard to follow, so the new system will remedy that issue, too.

So, what’re the actual changes we’re talking about?

A smaller number of points will be granted for each action, and more points will be given for activities that benefit the community, overall. Wanna really amp up your points? Go ahead and edit the map on your computer or report hazards, etc. on the road. The more you contribute to the driving community in your area, the more you earn!

And how will this change affect your existing points?

You’re going to notice a difference. Your points will be lower and your rank might have changed, too, but for some perspective, our users with the highest amount of points will now be hovering somewhere around 150,000 points. Fear not, though, we’ve kept a log of all user events and each of your actions have been retrospectively recalculated based on the new system.

So, what now?

Ummm…lunch? Or, you can look forward to our next version. It’ll include a cool new scoreboard that will show you your points, plus how you rank in your region, as compared to the others in your driving community. Nothing like some friendly competition to motivate the most active of you to really get out there and help make the waze experience the best it can be in your area!

If you encounter any difficulties or would like any further clarification, as always, you can feel free to contact us at


  1. Hmm, now I've got zero points...

  2. Sweet! My rank just went up over 100 places! I'm looking forward to the scoreboard features. Waze continues to amaze me.

  3. Wow… I jumped from rank 700+ to 48.
    Is the ranking still divided between www and world, or has it been unified?

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  5. You must be kidding me, 9 points despite my hours of editing and my previous rank above 1,000.

    I hope it's a system error...

  6. ah, I just went way down in rank and lost over 30k points... oh well.

  7. Following up on my post from above. I probably logged in to wrong Dashboard version.
    Apparently !=
    Everythings fine now. Confusing though!

  8. There is already a problem. Yesterday and today while driving around Livonia and Farmington Hills, Michigan, I was surprised to see Eight mile, Farmington Road and various other roads, light up and tell me there were obstructions and accidents. This was not the case in ANY of these events. I'm afraid you've traded a problem for a large headache. Today I had one on the same side street I live on, and there was absolutly nothing going on.
    This, in my opinon, was not a well thought out change.

  9. Well, all that road wazing from scratch in the Montreal , Quebec , Canada area combined with doing my best at ma edits in Cartouche seems to have propelled me to #3. Appreciated.

    The real reward is crowdsourced navigation, integration with FourSquare, all those promises of LBS (location based services) becoming a reality....

    Much work to be done in Canada...

    Lâche pas mes ami(e)s!


  10. My points went from 13K to 2400, and rank from 3000 to 4000.

  11. Very sad of the new system.
    I was the top wazer and now I've gone down 35 places...
    Many hours every day to edit map... :( very sad.

  12. I lost 1000 positions and 4 stars..

    of course I image that other peoples did more map updates than me .. and I did a lot of them!

  13. Points are still not combined... i.e. if you are in the US or Canada, you should check your points on
    If you are anywhere else in the world, check

    We still have a problem where points from the forum posts are only directed to the US count (even if you are in the 'world')... I think you were accidentally redirected to the US dashboard. I just checked any you have over 5000 points....

  14. Not happy about the impact this change has had. I spent a lot of time driving out of the way to grab bonuses and building new roads. I was up in the top 250 and now I'm down to almost 1000.
    Way to go Waze. :(

  15. Obviously, the intent was good, but the result is far below expectations. Many people like me, who spent hours driving and editing the map get a minimum of points. Maybe should you more explicit on somebody's dashboard, explaining the different weight and measures the new system obbey.

  16. Holy crap! I jumped 1413 points to #55!

    ...In the world!?! Guess I will keep Waze on more often after all...

  17. Guys, everyone lost some points, numerically speaking. We've all spent a lot of time helping the community out, and unlike the old system, this one is weighted more heavily toward those who really help build the service by editing the maps online and by reporting hazards, police traps, et cetera. I went from 225,000 to 63,000 points, but my rank, like that of many others, went up. I've munched a lot of roads, but I've done even more editing and reporting, which is the really important stuff!

    Herve, here's the breakdown:

    And it's really nothing to fret about. I mean, it's not like the points actually net you anything...

  18. This is really good and has certainly made me rethink