Official waze launch in Germany and France!

Though fledgling driving communities have already developed in both Germany and France, today, we’re happy to announce our official launch in these countries. Bonjour and Guten tag, friends!

German and French wazers can now benefit from:

  • a brand new road grid

  • UI and voice prompts in their own languages

  • a road full of ‘goodies’ to help new users rack up points as they help improve the navigability of the map in their areas

  • AND...treasure chests that may contain Amazon giftcards!

Road grids that will quickly become navigable maps

Up until recently, users in these areas needed to record roads entirely from scratch, however, we’ve received access to a comprehensive set of German and French road grids, which we’ll merge with data that local users have already contributed on their own, and – poof! – these communities will be off to a fantastic start. All that’s missing in order to turn the grid into a fully functioning map is for local wazers to validate road directions by driving on the roads themselves, and to add road names via waze’s online map editor.

Road goodies and virtual treasure chests for extra points and prizes!

Starting today, French and German users will find that most roads will be marked with plenty of ‘road munching’ dots - GPS points that, when driven over, set the road’s direction, helping to increase map quality and navigability, while providing them with tons of extra points. The process of validation is incredibly quick - within just a couple of weeks, these maps will be fully navigable and highly accurate. We’ll also be adding candy and cupcake ‘road goodies’ – small icons worth 3 and 5 bonus points, respectively – to the map in areas where the system needs validation.

...And don’t forget the best part: waze’ll be distributing VIRTUAL TREASURE CHESTS (!) on the roads that, when driven over, have the potential to reward users with an Amazon gift card - so French and German wazers, get out there and find ‘em!

What’s to come?

Stay tuned to the waze blog for the official launch of driving communities in other areas...we’re working on a bunch of stuff that you're gonna want to know about...


  1. Any news on the blackberry client?

  2. we're playing with the beta version. Still a bit buggy but will be good to go in places where we created tiles for it in a couple of weeks. we support 8900 and up btw. In the US you should expect it around mid April. soon :)

  3. Waiting for Official waze launch in Spain!!

  4. Hey ALF,
    We hope to roll out Spain in the coming months so stay tuned to the blog for more information, as we have it...

  5. Why you don't OpenStreetMap? I'm tired of bad maps. In Germany the OSM maps are quite perfect!

  6. Hey Thomas, OSM license is potentially limiting for us down the road. We are concerned with potential future limitation on business model and monetization alternative. Since we are committed to keeping the service free to users and it means we'll have to monetize the map and traffic data, so we can't afford being limited in that front. It's too bad because we do like OSM.

  7. Hi Yael,

    Ok, i mean you are the experts and I'm no lawyer, but I can hardly imaging that OSM license
    forbids using it for additional data aggregation. Appls like skobbler do it, too, not for free.
    Anyway, you decision is made - good luck to you with this cool application. Please put some more effort into the symbian client. Mine looks very prototypic ;-)

    PS: I exposed some treasures on the map I'm planning to catch up this evening, hehe

  8. Thomas, we would have really prefered having a map that's already made than doing it from scratch. We need to have complete freedom in monetizing / selling data and that's an issue with OSM.
    Regarding nokia you are totally right. Upcoming version should look better. Would love to hear your thoughts once you check it out.