USA Today gives a nice little shout-out to waze

Hey now, not too shabby!

USA Today profiled waze today as a 'Best in Class' app. Here's a 'reprint' of our nice little feature, found on the left hand column of the main article: 

"Waze (Waze, free), a community-based turn-by-turn navigation system. A clever way to get real-time traffic alerts based on input from others using the same app. "Every now and then an app wows us, and this is one," Sawyers says."

We love us some mainstream exposure like this. Hope it brings a new batch of users to the driving communities in your area!

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  1. Waze wows me too! Accurate, efficient and absolutely fun!! I never expected all of that in a navigation app! Waze is "The Way To Go"!