Waze's latest iPhone version is live

Hey Y'all – just a quick head's up that a new iPhone version dropped today.  Here's what it includes:

  • A  ‘report  abuse’  feature - the  community's  growing  and  there's  many interactions  taking  place.  As  can  be  expected,  there's  always  some  people  who  take  advantage  of  the  system,  so  we're  enabling  users  to  flag  inappropriate  users.  Above  a  certain  number  of  reports  by  different  users,  a  user  will  automatically  be  disabled  from  pinging.

  • An  improved,  and  much  betterlooking  navigation  bar - allowing  bigger  texts  and  ETA.

  • Auto-update your  Facebook  status  - just  like what  we  do  for  Twitter.  In  the  future,  we'll  use  Facebook  Connect  for  many  cool  features  such  as  showing  your  friends  on  the  scoreboard,  etc. – so stay tuned to the blog for more information, as we have it…

  • Adding  street  name  &  house  numbers  from  client – note that this  feature  is  available  in  Grid  countries  only,  and  will  be  developed  later  for  additional  purposes.

  • Spread  the  word - We  need  as  many  wazers  as  we  can  on  board  and  we  need  your  help  to spread the word, so we’ve  added the ability to invite  your  Facebook  friends  (in  the  future  we’ll  enable  showing  your  friends  in  the  client)  to waze and  to  let  you  review  waze  on both the  Appstore  and  Chomp, a  great  new  app  for  user  reviews  of  iPhone  apps.

That's about it this time around. Make sure you hop over to the Appstore and update waze so you'll be running with the newest version next time you hit the road…


  1. I have now updated to the new version of " Waze ", & now it doesn't login, nor does it even find or use my GPS.?? - I have the iPhone 3G, v3.12
    - The current version of Waze ( ) doesn't work correctly for me.?
    * The OLD version of Waze ( ) Work's Beautifully.! <<------ Yes.!
    ** Can someone send me the OLD version of Waze please.? - It's the only 1 that works.!

  2. So how do you calculate ETAs? Assume it is based on posted speeds for roads along your route but how reliable will it be without factoring in traffic? If actuall speeds of wazers are used, how reliable is my ETA if only a few wazers have been traveling roads on my route?

  3. Hey Joe, It does factor road type, real time traffic (from users) and historic traffic. As you suggest, the more people will drive it the more accurate it will get. What are you experiencing? how accurate is the ETA you are getting?

  4. So far, the ETA has been fairly accurate for me. It's been accurate to within 3-5 minutes for my 30 mile commute.