Waze launches officially in Italy!

We're happy to announce our 'official' launch in Italy today, though the community there has been growing strong and steady for quite a while under the tutelage of some very active users. Similar to our launch in France and Germany a few weeks ago, this launch will also feature a developed road grid, which we'll merge with data that local users have already contributed on their own.

In order to turn the grid into a fully functioning map, Italian wazers will just need to validate road directions by driving on the roads themselves, and add road names via waze’s online map editor. When the whole community gets involved, as we expect many of the Italians to do - like they've been doing for a while now, the entire process is incredibly quick,  and within just a couple of weeks, the Italian maps will be fully navigable and super accurate.

We thank all you Italians for your hard work up to this point, and we look forward to seeing how your community develops now that the base maps will make waze even more valuable. Keep us up to date and let us know if there's anything you need...happy wazing!


  1. Lo sto provando in queste ore.
    A presto per un ulteriore commento!!!

  2. Good!
    It's time to test waze!


  3. Spero di poter essere utile, agratis non c'è non niente, quindi contribuire conviene

  4. Pero non mi trovo troppo bene con l'inglese, la pigrizia che permane

  5. Test Abbastanza positivo c'è ancora da lavorare parecchio, non riesco a inserire il nome nella strada di mia residenza , mi dice che non ho i permessi, qualcuno sa il perchè?