Waze user profiles – tell us who you are!

As driving communities are developing all over the world, we wanna know who you people are! So, we're asking those of you out there who are active wazers to post a profile onto the user's blog, so we and other wazers around the globe can get a sense of who else is out there.

To participate, simply copy and paste the below questions into a new blog post on the user's blog, fill in your answers, add a picture of yourself, and hit 'publish'. Of course, all questions are optional, so only answer those you feel comfortable with…

  • Your real name:

  • Your username:

  • Occupation:

  • What phone you're wazing with:

  • Dreamphone:

  • How'd you hear about waze?:

  • Any good stories while using waze out on the road?:

  • Favorite part about the app:

  • Favorite app apart from waze:

  • Personal motto and/or anything else you'd like to share?:

...And if you don't already have posting capabilities for the users' blog, go ahead and drop a quick line to alli@waze.com with your preferred username and password - we'll set up an account for you ASAP. Looking forward to learning a little bit more about you all!


  1. Why not add a real profile, which is linked with the username (added to the personal details)? The blog will get crowded and it will be hard to find information about a certain user. For example, if you would like to communicate with a fellow area manager (managing the same area) there is no way to do this! offering a user profile would take care of that.
    I know that there are probably technical issues, but a usable solution would be better surely?

  2. We are planning on having user profiles as well. Here we would like to add a slightly different angle and get more personal.