Berry munching contest results are up!

Good job on all the berry munching, wazers! But unfortunately, there can be only two... Below you'll find the contest results, and the top 50 berry munchers in both regions - on the right, Canada and the US, and on the left, the rest of the world. Big congratulations to Oltrepaolo, of Italy, who munched 254 berries for a total of 928 points and TheWoodenShoe, of Canada, who munched a whopping 380 berries for a total of 1272 points. Your hard work paid off and the iPad is all yours! Interesting tidbits - Oltrepaolo joined the day of the contest and TheWoodenShoe joined 3 days in. Anyhoo, thanks to everyone for playing the game and we suggest that you stay tuned to the blog for other opportunities to win that we're in the midst of cooking up as you read this...congrats to the winners!


  1. Gratz to TheWoddenShoe. Any consolation prize for 12th place. ;-)

  2. Marco (aka TheWoodenshoe)May 16, 2010 at 4:01 AM

    The champ is here! America's hat pulls it out.

    I want to thank my personal trainer, amazing to think that I could pull this off via snowshoe and dog sled! My steady diet of maple syrup and round bacon was also key!

    Joking aside, a big thank you to all the Waze team for developing such an amazing application. With how much I travel, you have provided me with a means of avoiding hairpulling traffic, and also a way to help my fellow travellers.

    Now my appetite is for cupcakes and other treats!

    Marco TheWoodenshoe

  3. that's some serious dedication… they must have spent entire days chasing berries O_O

  4. compliments oltrepaolo great job, I envy you a little .........

    Aloa to all wazer!!!

  5. Me? I can't believe!!!
    I won!!! Oh my god!
    I want to say a THANKYOU big like the world for creating Waze and the contest too.
    Thanx to all Waze users that help everyday this great navigator growing up.
    Here is 2.00 in the night but... I can't sleep.
    And i am shure that if i'll fall sleeping i'll dream...

  6. Congrats Marco, at least I made the list... I wonder if any of the Google employees who drive the street view cam vehicles use waze... In the future, is there any way to see a map of the goodies on the web version of the map. It might have been kind of cool to visit the site and find a few clumps of berries before I set out to find them on a much smaller screen. Has anyone started using Waze on the iPad? If so, how is it?

  7. Bravo Oltrepaolo!...una curiosità: sei un tassista?

  8. No taxi here!!
    Ma faccio 300km/day per lavoro.
    And I get drunk of berries!

  9. At 300km per day chasing berries the gas spent to get an ipad may have been more than the ipad :) but congrats from this 20th place loser here in the US ... berry good job !!

  10. @Schoch: he said he drives 300 km per day for his I think he'll be refunded! :)
    Bravo Oltrepaolo!Almeno ha vinto un italiano! ;)
    Briviao (21st)

  11. Congratulations to Woodenshoe from the 10th and 14th place finishers.

    Thank you Waze for providing us with some great fun.

    I agree that if there is a way to show cupcakes and the likes on the online map that it would make drive planning easier.

    Thank you for a great app!

    Happy Wazing!
    hept and Tessie71

  12. 300 km a day? Omg lol.. no wonder he won :D

  13. Bravo Dario.
    My company pay me back 0,25 cents x km.
    I travel 250 km x day to work + 50 km x day for.....hunting berries :-)
    and cream?

  14. What are the many cupcakes I see on the map now, is this a new contest no one knows about yet?

  15. I can't believe I'm 2nd in Canada! Congrats to the winners!

    Collecting berries was fun. Explaining to my passengers what I was doing was even more fun.

  16. Hey jonprivate. The cupcakes are not a new contest. :) the are casual road goodies. Usually placed in locations where we need users to drive if the map is missing data. There will be more contests and games no worries

  17. I can't believe I'm not ranked after all the gas wasted to collect berries :(