Stay tuned to the waze blog for your chance to win a new iPad

Forget sugarplums, have visions of iPads swirling in your head? Us, too. That's why we'll be giving two iPads away sometime in the next two weeks to two lucky users. Make sure to stay tuned to the waze Twitter stream and blog for more information, as we have it... ;-)


  1. i hope it is available for Turkish or other users except USA and Canada :)

  2. Sound great.... But don't live us out. I hope you take in accunt all the cities... Including Latinamerica... (Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, etc)...
    Also will be nice a little more detail on how to participate...

    Great... and good luck to all...

  3. I would love to win this, but this product doesn't work correctly on the BB Storm, so I am crippled using what is out there for Blackberrys. But hey I am using it on the Storm, so I can at least see what this product is all about.