Waze saves the day - Pulls user out of flooded Downtown Nashvillethrough back roads

Amazing post in GIS users today.  It's titled: Using GIS, Google Maps, Waze, TDOT website, and Verison Broadband to navigate safely around flooding.

But what makes us even prouder is this part  quoted from below  " Just an FYI, the road closures were updated on Waze faster than anything else"

“I finally made it home from Nashville, TN late last night. It took a few hours to be able to find a route out of the city. There are a lot of people trapped and as of yesterday over 20 people had already died due to the floodwaters. Saturday, we were in downtown Nashville, driving around in the rain, trying to take pictures. This morning most of the downtown area has been evacuated. We ended up having to drive through water in several location, just trying to get out of town just to trapped by more water. All major Interstates and Highways throughout the city have been shutdown. Thanks to GIS technologies, Google Maps Traffic, Waze, TDOT’s website, and Verizon Broadband access, we were able to use the laptop to find alternate side roads that had minimal low lying areas. Just an FYI, the road closures were updated on Waze faster than anything else. We stayed in the Best Western directly across the street from the Opryland Hotel which had to be evacuated yesterday. Once we left our hotel about 9:30 yesterday all routes back to it were underwater. It had gotten to the point where we thought we would have to stay in Nashville, but all hotels were either booked, had no power or flooded. So we decided to keep trying to get home. Our route ended up taking us up into Kentucky, across to Missouri, then down into Arkansas. ” Thanks to @LearonDalby for sharing details

Thanks @gletham from GIS Users and to @LearonDalby for sharing details

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