Another Waze Worldcup update...

Above you'll find the top 28 countries, in alphabetical order, who are leading the way in the waze worldcup. As you know, on June 26th we'll be selecting 16 countries to continue onwards in the competition, and that's when it'll get super exciting and competitive, but in the meantime, it's anyone's race. For a little perspective, the top country's "team", ie: their top 11 users, have munched 885 road goodies so far while the next country down the list's "team" has munched 859, so they're neck to neck! As we said before though, even if you only munch one soccer ball in the whole competition, you're still in the running for the iPad raffle should your country be the grand prize winner, so make sure you and your countrymen/countrywomen contribute to your country's overall success - tell your friends about the waze worldcup and get as many people as you can out there for the win!

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