New Version Featuring Exclusive Moods For Top Scoring Wazers

This new version consists mostly of  bug fixes and clean ups, but  for those of us who work hard to make it to the top weekly charts in our state there's a cool new feature - Exclusive moods, available just to us!  Exclusive moods are Gold, Silver and Bronze wazers that are open only to users that scored the highest on the weekly chart the previous week.   If you were a high scorer, you’ll be driving around with this mood for an entire week.


  1. what is the version of this build?

  2. I can't find any update in Android Market, is this iPhone only?

  3. I keep seeing announcements with new features, but I rarely see version changes for the Windows Mobile version in the Wiki. Is the Windows Mobile version not being updated? or is the Wiki not updated?

    My version is Windows Mobile Release

    Thank you

  4. You can download the latest android beta version from the forums here:

    Scroll to near the bottom of this thread and you should see the link to download it. FYI you need to download it from your android device. Navigate to the forum on your device and you should be able to install it ;)

  5. @Bennet: It should be 1.9 according to what I read on the forums.

    @Daniel: As far as I understand this is an iPhone only release, the Android and Symbian releases would come closely after this one was approved by the Apple store.

    @Heath: If you download the latest version from, you should get version, which is the latest update for Windows. After the Android and Symbian 1.9 version is released, they will update the Windows version as well (according to what I read).

    (btw, I'm just Waze user like you guys, not a dev or anything, but I'm bored right now so that's why I'm answering this lol)

    To the devs: Maybe an idea: an automatic update checker within Waze so people automatically get reminded there is a new update for their OS? I could be totally wrong, but I don't think it is there yet, is there?

  6. Yes it's iPhone only. Android will soon follow

  7. Yael, where is the source code for all the latest devices versions ? waze is still GPL no ?

  8. Svache,

    Thank you for the tip. I installed from and it seems to be working at now. It did give a warning about it being intended for a previous version of Windows Mobile (I am running it on an AT&T Tilt with WinMo 6.1), but I will use it when I get into the car and I expect it will be fine.

    Thank you again,

  9. Any Android users on N1 facing constant crashes - device reboot. I face this every now and then when i switch on waze.