Super social new version: waze levels up Twitter & Facebook for the car

Hey Everyone. We’re really excited to announce the launch of our newest 'super social' version, featuring really cool Twitter and Facebook integrations. We’ve taken advantage of Twitter’s new extended geo-capabilities to maximize the real-time, user-generated information that will be available to you on the map, and with the Facebook integration, you’ll have a lot of fun seeing your friends wazing around you. Here, each part in a little more detail…


As you already know, waze is all about reporting on real-time road information, and now with our new Twitter integration, we’re takin’ it to a whole ‘nother level. This version will feature geo-tagged tweets right there on the waze map. This means that if someone tweets that they’re stuck in traffic, it will appear almost immediately on the waze map with a road report pin along with a little ‘t’ icon to indicate that the report came from a Twitter user. And if you’re using a Twitter client and would like to ensure that your road-orientated tweets are picked up by the waze system, make sure to use this hashtag: #wazelive

Incorporating tweets onto the waze is going to expand our coverage of real-time road events significantly, plus, the coolest part is that the Twitter integration functions two ways – once you input your Twitter details under Settings, you’ll be able to respond directly to tweets (on waze and Twitter, simultaneously) by commenting on the road report, turning waze, essentially, into an on-the-go Twitter client – one that also provides directions. Pretty neat, eh?


There will finally be faces on the map, so you can now see who is actually wazing around you! We think you’ll really like that, and if you want to share your Facebook name/profile picture, all you have to do is visit your user profile and enter your FB details. Doing so will also connect you with all of your Facebook friends who are using waze as well. This means, you’ll be able to see your FB friends on the map with a little ‘f’ icon next to their waze mood, and will be alerted when one of them is somewhere nearby.

If you like, you’ll have the ability to post your whereabouts onto your Facebook wall as a status update, and if you’re not into that you can adjust your setting accordingly to disable that function. And, if you’re the competitive type, you’ll really like the ability to see how you stack up against your FB friends on the waze scoreboard’s Facebook tab.

So, what do you need to do?

*  Download the new version.

*  Make sure your Twitter and Facebook details are on file.

*  Use the #wazelive hashtag to ensure your tweets are picked up by the waze system.

*  Have fun with the new functionalities! If you have any comments, or questions, please feel free to be in touch:


  1. Had the chance to try it tonight. Very cool with the twitter reports. I haven't seen any of my friends from Facebook yet. Hopefully they get on it soon.

    Also, I made a suggestion that I believe will fit perfectly with the Twitter feature:
    Client Suggestion: Social Media Updater. Let us report on Twitter our ETA and current location.

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  3. Hey Buckylds - you can report on Twitter your ETA and destination. Go to Settings > Profile > Twitter and set the ETA and Destination tweets to ON

  4. I'd like the ability to report destination and ETA via DM or FM-mail to a single user (not broadcast)

  5. Yael,

    I already have that setup. I am talking about a "Report" option, where I can post onto Twitter and Facebook my ETA while I am in mid-route. This could show people I am meeting how long I have to reach my destination while I am driving and not at just the start of my route.


    I am currently on Blue Diamond Road driving North, at Destination in 5 minutes. #waze

  6. Buckwylds: did you check the twitter settings on waze. If you turn that ETA tweet to ON it will tweet - On my way to XXXX, ETA XXX (the one thing you suggest and it doesn't do is mention the origin).