Waze worldcup update - with a message for each country

As the FIFA Worldcup gets down to the wire the suspense is growing big-time, and it’s no different over here at the Waze Worldcup, so now’s the time to take these last few days of the current phase of the competition and make them count! Countries below are in alphabetical order...

Australia: You’re holding tight in the same range, but you need to get serious if you wanna make it to the top four.

Belgium: Lost your rank a bit, Belgium, but not by much. Take charge and show the others who’s boss…

Canada: Nice one! You’ve made some big gains, Canada. Who woulda thunk it?

Czech Republic: Dropped a bit from where you were, guys - get passionate and make a surge!

France: Solid road goodie munching, France. You’re doin’ well - just don’t get too sure of yourself as the race is close.

Germany: Hovering right around the cut off, Germany. Staying in the game or out of it is entirely up to you!

Israel: You’re slippin’, Israel. Done a lot of munching but need to take it to the next level already.

Italy: A tad less excitement than the first time around… We know you’re passionate, Italy, but prove it!

Netherlands: Solid sportsmanship, just like last time, Netherlands. Keep up the good work.

Norway: If each of you doubles your efforts, Norway, it’s gonna make a significant impact.

Russia: You guys lost your mojo a little bit, Russia, but it’s not too late to turn it around!

Spain: A little sluggish, Spain, wake up and take charge.

Sweden: Nice leap up, Sweden. Keep the momentum going…

United Kingdom: Holding solid, but amp your efforts up and see what happens.

United States: Doing better this time around. Not bad at all!

Venezuela: Impressive gains, Venezuela! Double your efforts and see if you can make it into the top four!


  1. No wonder Germany falls behind. In the last three days I drove over at least six undestroyable footballs.
    Hey support, wanna know what I mean? Check out my route data.
    Even driving two times or even three times over somme balls won't kill them.
    Place less resistable footballs please.

  2. Hello, 1 more day, can we get an update, with number of "footballs" for each country?