How to add your Facebook + Twitter details to take advantage of the new version

As you know, we just released a fun new version that allows you to see pictures of other wazers on the map, to see when your Facebook friends are wazing nearby and that lets you respond to Twitter-originated road reports using your Twitter account. Thing is, to take advantage of these new functionalities, you have to take a moment to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to waze. Setting up the connection is super easy. Follow these steps below, after which, you'll be prompted to input your FB log in details on an additional screen. On the middle screen below, you'll see where you can input your Twitter log in details, too...

We'd be happy to hear what you think about our new social media integrations - or anything else for that matter, so if you have something to say, feel free to drop us a line:


  1. I tried to connect to Facebook via Waze on my iPhone but apparently the login page never seems to load. The only thing that appears after I touched the Connect button is the header that says 'Connect to Facebook' while the rest of the screen is blank. I have reinstalled the app again and the same error occurs whenever I tried to link my Facebook account to Waze.

    Does anybody experience this as well? Can anybody suggest me a solution for this please?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. There's no Facebook button in Android version! :(

  3. Don't see anything Facebook related in Windows Mobile verson.

  4. I can't find facebook on my app. All I have is Twitter and foursquare. Is there a update I can get so I can get it.