How to geo-locate your tweets onto the waze map

Twitter's ‘Tweet With Your Location’ feature is a neat new capability that allows you to add location information to your tweets. This feature is off by default and you will need to opt-in to use it. The location information that is shared publicly can be either your exact location (your coordinates) or your place (like a neighborhood or town) – for waze’s purposes, we suggest that you select your exact location.

To enable this feature, visit your Account Settings on Twitter and click the ‘Add location information to my tweets’ box. Note that you can always disable it and remove all location history from the site’s Settings page.

Currently, this Twitter feature is only available for US users. If you’d like to know when it will be available to users in other countries, follow Twitter's @support account for updates, as they have them.

Waze’s system scans for keywords to implement geo-located tweets in relevant ways onto the waze maps, but once you’ve opted in on Twitter, if you’d like to ensure that your traffic or road-related tweet gets picked up, make sure to use this hashtag: #wazelive

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  1. The information is not completely ok. Adding geo location is possible e. g. for German twitter users too (at least the option to add location to tweets exists).
    Second: How about tweets where coordinates or google maps links are added (there are twitter clients able to do so)?