A Nokia Italy feature for waze, plus a little local user love

All sorts of press coming out about waze in Italy in recent weeks, but one of the ones that we like best is a feature on Riccardo Bigi's website. He's one of our most active users in Italy and decided to take to his blog to tell the (Italian speaking) world what he loves about waze. Thanks, Rikki! The rest of you are welcome to do the same - just let us know if you need any graphics and we're happy to send some screenshots/logos over...

Another nice coup in Italy was being featured on Nokia's Play Italy portal. Lots of new users came in from that feature and we hope that you guys over there noticed the bump of new wazers around you!

By the way, we're starting to think about cooking up something special for you Italians, so stay tuned to the blog for more details as we have them. Ciao for now...

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