Groups Gone Wild (Very Wild) on Waze!

This may very well be the largest caravan ever! We shall see ladies and gentlemen, we shall see. Mark your calendar for August 30th and start your engines! We are Black Rock City bound.
Join the Burning Man group on Waze and watch everyone converge on Black Rock City. Use Waze to carpool, ping each other, organize stops etc. We're so stoked and want to give uber props to ActionGirl at BurningMan HQ for getting Burners to group it up on Waze!

Jack Rabbit Speaks just sent out their newsletter last night and they already have over 266 members of their group w/more joining every few minutes!

Follow the fun with the LIVE Burning Man group widget on the Burning Man site!

Overall, we just crossed 3000 groups! Ding, ding, ding from Rome to Kuala Lampur to DFW and Atlanta. Waze on!

Feel free to send us stories about your group! We want to know what your group is up to and how its shaping up! In the meantime, see you on the Playa!

Already you can see a few early birds making their way to BRC!


  1. So, I get the whole Group gimmick. Heck, I even created one for the majestic city of Cleveland, OH---however, I have yet been able to figure out WHERE these groups are on the interwebs. I have no trouble getting to the Groups through the App on my phone. I would LOVE to know where and how to access my group online so I can moderate and maintain it much easier.

  2. Hey, Raleigh-Durham Road Wazers are "drivin' it like it's hot"! Good reports from a growing group in this area. This rocks!!

  3. The San Francisco Bay Area Wazers are going strong! We have 41 members with new people joining every day. Comments range from helpful to entertaining - join up if you're local to the SF Bay Area, we would love to receive your reports!

  4. Ah ha! Why are they on the Jungo Rd? And is there AT&T coverage up there now?

  5. Hey Steve, at this point there is not much you can moderate. So most of the functionality is in the client only. But in the future as more moderation features will be added it's likely to be done from the web.