Less than 24 hours of driving groups and already a whole lotta momentum!

Man, you kids are crazy... Less than a day after the launch of the new waze driving groups and already there are about 450 groups set up and ready to go (200 stateside, 250 around the globe) - you guys never fail to amaze us! So far, we see the groups broken up in these three categories: location-based, brand-orientated, and socially-driven groupings. Take a look at a tiny sampling of the driving groups that have popped up so far…Respect!

Location–Based Driving Groups

Mississippi Road Warriors
Wazer da bologna italy
Sherwood to west Little Rock Commute
Poland Wazers
East Bay to SF
New Jersey Commuters                          

Brand–Orientated Driving Groups

BMW Bimmer Group Atlanta
Mustangs Just for Mustang drivers with Waze on board
Subaru Lovers
Honda Wazers
Subaru Enthusiasts
Mini Cooper Wazers

Social Driving Groups (!)

Retro Gamers of Los Angeles
Sexy while driving!!
Pasadena Nightlife
Art Center Students
Final Fantasy XIV Wazers
New lesbian friends in mass


  1. Facebook Link in Waze groups. You reference "fanpages", unfortunately Facebook has changed the "FanPage" concept:

    My Facebook fan Page has been disabled.
    Facebook Pages may only be used to represent real entities, and may only be created by authorized representatives of the Page subject. If you believe your Page was removed in error and you can confirm that you are or officially represent this entity, please report this here.

    I have made a facebook group instead, but when I add the link "http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=139679392738963" and try to save from the iPhone app I get the following error:
    Internal Server Error

    The group is ECCWAZE

  2. how do I get the updated version?

  3. toya if you have an iphone simply download it from the appstore.

  4. I get the exact same error as birdpuk when trying to add my facebook group page.
    Internal Server Error

    This is the group page that I paste in the configuration that causes the error.

    Perhaps you should specify if you want fanpages, groups, or pages. I thought you meant pages, since I don't believe they allow fanpages anymore for thinks like waze groups.

  5. Sorry we need to clarify. needs to be fanpages. We'll look into these problems. thanks for reporting.

  6. Using Facebook Groups seems to have worked for me. Check out my 2 Waze commuter groups - "UK Wazers" and "West Midlands Wazers". They both use the link format posted above by birdpuk.

    Please let me know if you think they are not working.

  7. I got my Facebook fan page linked from the Waze app, but is there a way to link From the Facebook group to the Waze group?

  8. Hi Justin,
    Not aware of how we can link these two groups, but you can 'advertise' your group on our page...