Spread the word to help grow your waze driving groups

Looking for a way to grow your waze group?  There are a lot of things you can do to pick up your numbers and get more and more people involved. Here are just a few ideas that crossed our mind to share with you...

Tell a friend. It may seem obvious at first, but have you done it already? Tell those closest to you about how much you enjoy wazing and about your group in specific - and invite them to join in on the conversation.

Tell a Facebook friend. Your Facebook circle probably includes some of the people in the above category, but then a whole lot more beyond that. Do a quick little post to make them aware of your group and let them know, in specific, how you think it can benefit them. Oh, and remember to click the 'share' button on the bottom left hand side of your page!

Tell a reporter. Know a journalist who's looking for a good story? Tell them about the new kind of crowdsourced, social GPS that we're working on over here at waze. And if you wanna be super proactive (nothing quite like seeing your name in print, cited as a group creator!), find out who the relevant reporters are at your local paper and go for the gold!

Tell a stranger.  When all else fails, Craigslist. Recruit the huddled masses by putting a post up on Craigslist.com. If you're not familiar with craigslist, its a community bulletin board that's organized by city and nearly every major city in the world has one.  Click here to find the Craigslist closest to you.


  1. I can't spread anything until the Symbian version gets updated!!! >_____<

  2. Maybe you guys could help us spread the Waze world by adding to your web site a group page, with a search engine...

    By the way, I have create "Flat4", the group for all VW Beetle, buggy, 181 and so on lovers ;-)
    (old beetle, not the new one)

  3. I've wrote an article about Waze in a Hungarian Android blog. (See Website link.) Is it enough? :)


  4. I would happily join the waze world if you just released a client for webos. That would really be great.