Waze easier - get a window mount for your phone (we found you a good deal)

The best way to use waze is to turn it on, automatically, every time you get into the car. Whether you're navigating to a new destination, or traveling to a place you already know the way to, as you've probably seen by now, waze is a pretty handy tool to have by your side. Waze will tell you about traffic reports, alert you to speed traps ahead, gives you the chance to have a little fun chit chatting at long red lights, etc., but it's gotta be comfortable to use, right?

Most of us around the office use window mounts in our cars, drop our phones in them when we get into the car, and then start waze, and you should, too. Take a quick minute to visit this online store - we think that they're pretty much the least expensive mounts we've seen out there, most are just around $5.00. They have all kinds of other inexpensive gadgets, too, so take a look around after you put a new window mount in your shopping cart and get yourself something nice ;-)


  1. Know what I'd like? An iPhone mount for my BIKE! I've been thinking I need to waze through my town, mapping unchartered streets, in a way where picking up cupcakes is ironically good for my body because I'm getting exercise at the same time...

  2. Where can I purchase it accesory...?
    I'm form Ecuador...