Waze featured as 'Staff Favorite' in the Appstore!

A lot of us around the office are big Apple lovers, but today we admit that our love just got a little deeper following a 'Staff Favorites' feature on the Appstore! I guess we're kinda cheap like that, but nevertheless, we wanted to share the fantastic news with you guys...

We've found that waze's growth, and subsequent bulking up of the driving communities in your areas, all boils down to word-of-mouth and personal recommendations, so this relatively 'personal' recommendation means a whole lot to us. You can have a big effect, too. Next time you see a friend with a supported smartphone, let then know how much you enjoy wazing and encourage them to download waze and try us out. Like we've always said, the more people who use waze, the better it gets - and it's true!

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