Waze is looking for a few good moods - or bad ones, if you see fit...

One minute you're 'peaceful', but then you might be 'hungry', or get 'bored', or start 'wondering'...we know how it goes...we 'wonder' a lot on the road, too...but back to the point: one of the funnest parts about wazing is how often you can change your mood to reflect how you're feeling at any given moment out there on the road. We love driving around our city and seeing the different spectrum emotions wazing along side of us, don't you? Just lately, though, we thought that it might be about time to implement a few new options, and who better to turn to for new moods than all of you out there for some help?

Take a second and leave a few suggestions in the comments section below listing the moods that you'd like to see on waze and some time real soon we'll do a poll and let you guys pick the top 2 or 3 to implement into an upcoming version. No, 'drunk' probably won't fly, you lushes, but feel free to use your creativity and humor to come up with a few good options that you think others will want to get on board with...


  1. I'd like to see angry, impatient, lost, hungry, tired, over worked, and giggly.

  2. "Fed Up"

  3. pimpin, zen, frustrated, n/a, hard at work, hard at play

  4. Rita Edwards (AreaMgrRita)August 24, 2010 at 7:49 AM

    Some moods I would like see added to Waze to express my emotions are: random, annoyed, conflicted, blissful, agitated, rebellious, dazed, helpless, frightened, punctual, tardy, exhausted, inspired and/or grateful! Thank you for asking!!

  5. Flirty
    Stuffed (after eating)

  6. I suggest "Awesome" modeled after the awesome face meme, because sometimes you just feel awesome. View website link for example.

  7. Few that have come to my mind over time...
    - Klingon: Angry and wanna bite everyone's face off
    - Jedi: Peaceful and in control
    - Trekie: Boldly go where no one has gone before (My fav)
    - Tardis: Time travelling

  8. OK this is as good a forum as any right? I'd like to see a biker mood yep wazie on bike or a carpool mood, with multiple wazies or a "wazer in need" mode for helping each other with flat tires, running out of gas or other general roadside distress.

  9. "Water in need" is a great idea.

  10. How about "Dad's Taxi" modelled on the New York Taxi colour scheme? (I guess it could be more politically correct as Family Taxi)

    We could also have some weather related moods - freezing cold, blazing hot, raining again, stormy, snowy etc. Certainly in the UK the weather is a national obsession

  11. What about "sexy"? :-)

    @Di-Ann: I like the "Wazer in need" option.

  12. The 'wazer in need', as well as a 'request to carpool' will be part of the reporting options (Distress call) in one of the upcoming versions... Lots of great stuff coming up